28 August 2019 - 10:04
Scenic landscape at Iran's tri-border

West Azerbaijan has many intact sites that are unknown for many people; Dalamper is one of the picturesque region located in southwest of Urmia.

Iran (IMNA) – Dalmaper Mountain is 45 kilometers southwest of Urmia. It is situated at a joining point where the boundaries of three countries - Iran,Turkey, and Iraq-  meet each other. Its height is 3500 meters: if you stand on the top of the mountain, you can see some parts of the three mentioned countries.

There are some natural lakes at the high altitudes of the mountain, such as: Dalamper (Mama Sheikh Lake), Dimeh  and Binchul lakes. There is an amazing waterfall called "Suleh Ducel" in this area which in Kurdish language means "foggy". This waterfall has been created due to the melting of snows on the slopes of the Dalamper Mountain.   

Dalamper Lake is located at the height of 2700 meters of the mountain, and its diameter is 450 meters; this beautiful lake is circular. You can enjoy the green pastures around the lake which are full of colorful flowers. There are many plant species in this area including milk vetch, almond, cherry, and etc. Different kinds of animals are living in this natural site like fox, rabbit, eagle, snake, jackal, and mountain goat.

The best time to visit Dalamper region is in spring and summer. You can also see snows that are not melted even during the summer.

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