"Super Bear" tries to save endangered animals

 “Super Bear”, a Chinese animation slated to be screened  in the 32nd Film Festival for Children and Youth, was released in the first day of this Festival.

Iran (IMNA) - The story is about a father bear who was living in the wilderness with his son. One day, hunters came to the jungle and captured the young cub. The bear decided to venture in search for his son and finally delivered him from the traffickers.

The movie has many valuable messages including: kindness, sympathizing, and making all-out efforts  to reach the goal.

The main subject of this animation is centered on "providing animal welfare and ending cruelty to animals" as Humans are destroying nature at an unprecedented rate.  This movie can teach you a lot of things about loyalty, friendship, and being strong and keep fighting for the things that matters to you.

Teamwork is one of the best messages of the animation. For example, wild and domestic animals working together to achieve the same target; freedom.

Despite these massages, it seems that the movie doesn't follow a smooth direction and sometimes the story jumps through the episodes; that makes the animation boring.

By: Teenage journalist, Atanaz Halalzade.

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