Saint Stepanos; Second Major Monastery in Iran

Saint Stepanos is the Second major Armenian monastery located in a deep canyon. In 2007, this ancient monastery was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Iran (IMNA) - Jolfa is the frontier county and home of historical sites. This ancient county is located on the south coast of the Aras River and 135 kilometers north of Tabriz city in East Azerbaijan. This charming county is widely well-known for its natural beauties and also historical sites. Among the wonders collection, there is anArmenian monastery, Saint Stepanos, which is the second major Armenian monastery after Saint Thaddeus monastery in Iran.

This ancient monastery is located about 15 kilometers northwest of Jolfa and was built in 9th century but due to the earthquake and war, it was damaged seriously. Hence, it was extensively renovated and rebuilt during the Safavid era.

The name of this monastery is taken from the name of Saint Stepanos who is the first Christian martyr. His defense of his faith before the court enraged the Jewish audience and then he was taken out of the city and stoned to death.

Every year, special rituals is held by thousands of Armenians in this monastery but this historical monastery is almost respected by all other religions. Regarding remarkable features and also historical background of Saint Stepanos Monastery, in 1963 this ancient monastery was registered in Iran’s National Heritage and also in 2007 was inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

By: Elahe Jalali

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