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Arg-e Ali Shah in Tabriz

One of the tallest and oldest historical walls in Iran is Alishah Arg of Tabriz;. It is located in the center of Eastern Azerbaijan province.

Iran (IMNA) – . There are many historical sites around Alishah Arg including Amir Nezam House, Saint Mary Church, Saat Tower, Pottery Museum, Ostad Shahriar Museum and Heidarzadeh House.

Arg-e Alishah which is a remnant of a mosque, was built during the Ilkhanid era. The Ilkhanate minister, Taj Al-Din Alishah Gilani, first ordered to build this majestic citadel in a huge mosque during his time, in the early 14th century.

The width of the monument is 30 meters, it is 28 meters high, and each wall is 10 meters wide, 7 meters of each of them is underground because of the earthquakes. Due to the devastating earthquake in Tabriz, and some wars and attacks, there is not much left from this Arg during its 700-year lifetime. Only three walls which are like a veranda, are remained from the ancient Arg-e Tabriz.

This citadel has had various functions during different eras: the Ali Shah mosque and its surrounding areas were used as a weaponry storage during the Qajar era, this is the reason of constructing a fence around the monument and the name of this area has been changed to "Arg" which means citadel.

It was used as an educational center during the Safavid era. In 1911, the Russian invaded Tabriz, and unfortunately blew up the wall of Arg, the cannonball holes are still visible on the citadel walls. During the protests for the constitution, this Arg was used as a shelter for the followers. After approving the constitution, a modern school and theater were constructed in Arg-e Ali Shah.

This citadel of Tabriz is a wonderful example of Iranian architecture, the style of its architecture is Azari. After the emergence of Islam, this style became fashionable in Azerbaijan, now Azari style is a new model of Iranian architecture. Its architect was the master Falaki Tabrizi and durable materials were used to build this monument.

Arg-e Ali Shah was inscribed in National Heritage Sites list in 1931. The latest restoration was conducted by Iran's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization in 2013.

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