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Jolfa; Home of Historical Sites

Jolfa is a historical jewel situated at the zero point of Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

Iran (IMNA) - This ancient county is a collection of beauties and home of historical sites. Every year, numerous tourists visit this stunning historical site from all over the world. As a frontier county, Jolfa is located on the south coast of the Aras River and 135 kilometers north of Tabriz city in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran.

Geographically, this ancient region is situated at the zero point of Iran, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Above all, connecting to Central Asia and Caucasus through railways, make this region as one of the most remarkable transit cities in Iran.

Moreover, Jolfa is located in the Aras free trade- industrial zone; respecting this proper feature, Jolfa is one of the commercial and industrial centers in Iran and surrounding areas. Aras free zone and especially Jolfa is the second tourist destination in the province after Tabriz city.

In addition, due to the border crossings among Iran, Azerbaijan and Armenia, there are numerous border markets, shopping malls and commercial complexes in that region.

In this ancient county, there are several magnificent monuments and historical sites, such as:

Historical Bath of Jolfa

Saint Stepanos Monestary, located 26 kilometers west of Jolfa

Chupan Chapel

The stepped village of Ashtabin

Maharan Waterfall

Ziaolmolk Bridge

Asiyab Kharabe Waterfall (Jolfa Water Mill)

Khaje Nazar Carvansary

Historical complex of Kordasht

Shoaib Dozal Shrine


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