27 July 2019 - 14:29
Gheshlagh Dam Lake in Sanandaj

Sanandaj is home to spectacular landscapes that attract many tourists to this beautiful city; visitors can take delight of the natural beauties and historical sites there.

Iran (IMNA) – There is an earth filled dam 20 kilometers away from the northern part of Sanandaj city called Gheshlagh or Vahdat. This dam was constructed over a river with the same name. The construction of Gheshlagh dam was started in 1974 and  it lasted five years to be completed.

A lake in mountain valleys of the "Sateleh and Tirgara" region was created behind this dam which has an area of 934 hectares and it is 11 kilometers long. The depth of this lake is enough to experience a variety of water sports like boating, jet skiing, and swimming.

Gheshlagh Lake is a suitable place for fish breeding as there are many different fish from the carp living in this lake; therefore you can take pleasure fishing in this area too. There are also wonderful gardens around the lake that are covered with tick trees which add to its beauty.

The water of this lake is also used for agricultural purposes and irrigation. After treatment, the water can be used as the drinking water of people living in the area.

The best time to travel to this place is at the end of spring and the beginning of autumn. During these times, professional athletes, ordinary people and also many tourists come to enjoy the water sports and also the decent weather of the region.

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