Vakil al-Molk mansion in Sanandaj

There are many wonderful historical monuments such as baths and mansions in western Iranian city of Sanandaj that are being visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. One of them is Vakil al-Molk mansion which is the heritage house of old "Vakil" family.

Iran (IMNA) -  Vakil al-Molk mansion was built during the Zandieh era, by Haji Mohammad Rashid Bey Vakil, then it was completed during the next periods. The old structure of the monument was destroyed before the Islamic Revolution, but later its owner tried to restore the mansion in the early old style. The first reconstruction was carried out in 1931, by Amn Allah Khan Vakil al-Molk.

This monument includes many conjuncted courtyards, buildings, and gardens. Vakil mansion is composed of three inter-mansions of Vakil al-Soltan, Vakil al-Mamalek, and Vakil al-Molk; there is also a bath at the jointing point that animal, floral, and geometrical motifs are obvious on its wall. It can be said that the building acts as a collection of amazing exhibition of Iranian ornaments and decorations.

The main entrance has a big wooden door which faces the west, the other entrance of the building is located in Vakil alley. There are some stone made pillars in front of the main iwans that faces the garden and a gable roof that is arch-shaped is constructed on them.

Historical decorations and architectures are among the dominant features of this mansion. Stained glasses, and also elegant brick works of the mansion attract every visitors' attention.

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