15 July 2019 - 15:14
Kaferin gorge

Illam province situated in the west of Iran is home to awe-inspiring natural wonders; This province is well-known due to its untouched nature.

Iran (IMNA) –  Illam is known as "The Bride of the Zagros" due to the fact that its decent weather makes people travel to this amazing and intact area. Mansht Mountain, the protected areas of  Dinar Kouh, and Kabir Kouh are home to the wonderful and scenic gorges, one of the most well-known of which is Kaferin or Kaferi gorge.

It is located in the north of Badre County, 55 kilometer away of Illam - Dareh Shahr route and in the 15 kilometer distance of Badreh town. Badre County has 31 natural and historical sites which were inscribed in the list of Iran's national monuments.

The Kaferin gorge strings for about two kilometers and its altitude is 700 meters above the sea level. There is a river amid the canyon that after coursing the gorge flows into the Seymareh River. This region plays an important role in providing water for locals.

Many unique caves, springs, broad oak forests, various species of animals like squirrels and local deer add to the beauties of the site. The ancient reliefs discovered in the area also shows the importance and historical archaism of this site.

Kaferin gorge has been turned into a tourist destination and it is highly recommended to visit the beauty of this canyon and enjoy boating and fishing there.

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