"76 Minutes & 15 Seconds with Abbas Kiarostami" Displayed at Farabi Film Foundation

The documentary "76 Minutes and 15 Seconds With Abbas Kiarostami", compiled by photographer Seifollah Samadian, his friend and longtime collaborator was displayed in "Abbas Kiarostami Hall" at Farabi Cinema Foundation (FCF) on the occasion of his 79 birth anniversary.

Iran (IMNA) - Addressing the gathering organized by the foundation, Fajr Film Festival and the Film Center in Tehran, FCF Managing Director Alireza Tabesh commemorated Kiarostami and dubbed him as the "unmatched professor of Iranian cinema".

Kiarostami's influence on world cinema

Commenting on naming a hall after Kiarostami, Tabesh reiterated that: "Kiarostami has not been among us for three years, but he has made a strenuous effect on the world of cinema. So far, his name has been resonated across the world."

CFC dedicates a hall to Kiarostami 

Tabesh said after demise of Kiarostami, FCF dedicated one of its to Kiarostami to honor him due to his zealous efforts in Iran and the world cinema.

World Pays Tribute to Kiarostami

He added the leading aim of this documentary is to share 76 minutes and 15 seconds of undiscovered moments of Abbas Kiarostami’s life and work, in commemoration of his 76 years and 15 days of creative journey.

"The shots of this documentary are selected out of hundreds of hours of footages, filmed during 25 years of friendship, inside and outside Iran in various occasions," he added. Tabesh underscored that the film has so far displayed in 140 different film festivals and events across the globe.

An Equipped Hall Named After Kiarostami

Samadiyan, for his part, hailed Tabesh for his efforts to dub a cinema hall with name of Kiarostami.

"We have been waiting for emergence of Abbas Kiarostami hall for many years which fortunately the Farabi Cinema Foundation was pioneered and named its equipped showroom with globally acclaimed late Iranian director."

Process of making film for 1st Kiarostami's anniversary

"The film was made in special circumstances, Kiarostami's son Ahmad called me and said a film should be made about his father on the occasion of his first commemorating ceremony one month after his demise. Then, the Director of Venice Film Festival, Alberto Barbara, called me and said he wants to take the biggest risk of his professional life, and publish in the festival's catalog that a film about Abbas Kiarostami will be displayed during the event and even the film would be shown as the first Venice Film Festival in 2016.

 Kiarostami's energy in each part of his film

"In short, in those complicated conditions and the time, we only have enough time to correct the color and sound of the film, thanks to Kiarostami' energy, which could be traced in each part of the film, we were able to make the film and even subtitled in both English and Italian.

Displaying in 140 festival, events

Samadian said that the film has been displayed in more than 140 international festivals and cinematic events in the world.

Kiarostami's Endless Love to Nature

"The film is precisely the number of years and days of life of Kiarostami who lived 76 years and 14 days, and one day, which was added with God's permission. That day was the one that I along with Reza Mir Karimi and Bahman Kiarostami brought his body from France to Iran, and I added one day to his life for the sake of the real love of Kiarostami, apart from the nationalist slogans about his  country. His love to earth and nature was sparkled in all moments of Kiarostami's life, and also easily found in his films and other works.

Moments of Kiarostami's Life, Works

"The film is not an interview, no one talks about him, I do not talk about his personality, his works as well as his previous films. Only the camera captures moments of Kiarostami's life, work, and his sensitivities about our dual travels inside Iran, with respect to our privacy."

Displaying World Famous Cinema Figures' Remarks about Kiarostami

"With the efforts of Mirkarimi and his colleagues, Kiarostami was honored during the thirty-fifth Fajr International Film Festival. We also produced a film about viewpoints of world famous cinema practitioners about Kiarostami, such as Martin Scorsese, Juliette Binoche, Gilles Jacob, Jonathan Rosenbaum and Geoff Andrews. All of them admired him as a wonderful artist on the planet," he added.

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