Hanna Dam Brought about remarkable floristic biodiversity

Hanna dam is one of the  Isfahan's dike built over the Hanna River in 1994, by the Ministry of Energy; Hanna Lake is located 190 kilometers from the southeast of Isfahan and 30 kilometers from Semirom County.

Isfahan (IMNA) - The surface area of this lake during the months of September and February is about 520 and 890 hectares respectively; the amount of water varies throughout the year. The depth of this lake also fluctuates between 2 to 30 meters. Many kinds of fish live in Hanna Lake; 7 species of them are native bony fish, and the rest are farmed fish.

The reservoir storage capacity of Hanna dam is 50 million cubic meters. The length, width, and height of the dam are 254, 10, and 35 meters, respectively. This dam was constructed to provide sufficient water for agricultural operations in croplands of Hanna region and preventing water waste as well.

Hanna is one of the branches of the Karun River. Constructing the Hanna dam has made the region to enjoy remarkable floristic biodiversity and crated a suitable place for birds and led to increase in types of animals and insects. It also has incremented the territorial, environmental, and hydrological potentials in the area.  This river has changed the region into a resort for tourists, and created a beautiful and natural landscape.

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