1 July 2019 - 15:09
Iran homes victorious fire!

Yazd, Iran's central city, is the home of the most sacred fire temple to Zoroastrians worldwide; Yazd Atash Behram.

Iran (IMNA) – Atash Behram holds the highest grade of fire in Zoroastrian fire temples and it is the only temple holding Atash Bahram in Iran. The Zoroastrian fire temple was built in 1934, in Yazd by the supervision of Jamshid Amanat.

The holy fire inside a bronze container in the monument can be clearly seen through a window from the entrance hall. It has been burning since about 470 A.D in the Sassanid Empire; therefore, it can be said that the fire has been burning for 1500 years. There is no light inside the building, other than the holy fire itself.

The main part of the fire temple is located in the middle of a beautiful garden with pine, cedar, and cypress trees. A beautiful pool is situated in front of the monument. There is a Farvahar plate (the best-known symbol of Iran which symbolizes Zoroastrianism) above the entrance of the building.

The designs on the columns and walls of the structure and also the Farvahar were done by Isfahani craftsmen. Its interesting to know that the designs and decoration of the temple is  also similar to the Atash Bahram Temples in India.

It is highly recommended to visit the site, since it is interesting for both young and adult people. The Yazd's Atashkadeh is a nice tourist destination, especially during Norooz. The fire temple was registered on the National Heritage List in 1999.

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