12 June 2019 - 15:58
Valuable limestone cave in Iran

Caves are mysterious places in the heart of mountains that their beauties attract everybody's attention. Chal-e Nakhjir tourism destination which is one of the amazing caves in Iran is located on the way from Isfahan to Tehran, 11 kilometers northeast of Delijan town, Markazi Province.

Iran (IMNA) - This cave which was discovered in 1988 dates back to the third period of geology, about 70 million years ago. The height of the main entrance of the cave is 10 to 40 meters, and its width is 10 meters. This limestone cave is a multi layered natural beauty with three floors. The ground floor includes a lake and aquifer, the depth of the lake is 19 meters and it is 70 meters below the entrance level. It is estimated that the length of the lake is 12 kilometers, but only six kilometers of the cave is discovered.   

Some natural statues like eagle, turtle, deer and bird are formed over a thousand years, most of which are made up of limestone. Beautiful lighting on these shapes astonishes all foreign and domestic tourists. There are different halls in this cave with different names like "Aroos", "Gol Kalami", Abshar Goli", "Hayula", and etc. The most beautiful cave hall is "Chehel Sotoun" that is made up of colorful deposits.

If visitors want to see the unique beauties of the cave, they should walk as long as 1200 meters through the halls. Special hallways and stairs are made for people to pass the cave easily. They should not worry about the lack of air and shortness of breath since there is a natural ventilation system in the cave.

Visitors should wear suitable shoes to walk in the cave as the floor is almost wet and slippery. The temperature inside the cave is always between seven to 14 degrees; therefore, visiting the cave is possible in all seasons.

Chal-e Nakhjir cave was registered in the list of Iran's national monument in 2005, with the registration number of 13814.

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