9 June 2019 - 13:56
Agha Noor mosque

Agha Noor mosque is located in Dardasht neighbourhood in Isfahan. Its main building which dates back to the reign of Shah Abbas I, was completed a year after his death, during the first year of Shah Safi era, 1039 A.H. A beautiful Shabestan was added to this building and some parts of the construction were decorated during the Qajar era.

Iran (IMNA) - The present building of this mosque with Chahar Iwani style (Four Iwans) includes portal, courtyard, four Iwans, Shabestan, tile decorations, and some historical inscriptions. An inscription preceding the building which is located inside the eastern Iwan, is in verse dating back to 1034 A.H.

According to the content of this inscription, this mosque was constructed by Agha Noor. Another inscription which is placed on the portal of the eastern Iwan is written in Suls calligraphy on azure adobe tile. According to the content, the building process of this mosque has been started by Nour Ed-Din Mohammad Isfahani (Aqa Noor), one of the richest and righteous men in Isfahan, in the reign Shah Abbas, and was completed in the first year of Shah Safi era. This inscription was written by Mohammad Reza Emami.

Pillared Shabestan of this mosque includes astonishing stony columns and marble arches which provide light during the day. This Shabestan also has a small Mihrab. The outer portal of Shabestan, next to the northern portal is adorned with special decorations. This Shabestan has been added in 13th century A.H, and was constructed at the expense of Haj Mohammad Ebrahim Ghazvini, former congregational Imam of the mosque. The Shabestan has one of the most beautiful belvederes among Isfahan's mosques counterparts.

The mosque was exposed to Iraqi airstrikes, which resulted in destruction of the southern clerestory, arches, tile decorations, mirror, and the minaret of the mosque, which were later restored and renovated by the responsible authorities. Aqa Noor mosque which was registered in the list of Iran's national monument on April 5, 1998, with the registration number of 1971, attract visitors' attention at the first glance. 

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