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St. Georg Church

The St. Georg church, or Gharib church is a historical church in Isfahan. After the Hakoup church, which is located inside the St. Mary church, it is the oldest church in the Julfa quarter. The building was built in 1611 C.E, by Khaje Nazar during the reign of Shah Soltan Hossein Safavid.

Iran (IMNA) - Elements of Armenian and Iranian architecture were incorporated to build the rectangular shape structure of the church with an area of 11.2616 meters, and three small arched domes. The domes and roof of the church are placed on arches that are leaned to three wide pillars attached to the inner walls.

 All three domes have skylights. The bell tower that is on the western end of the roof was constructed in 1920 C.E. The materials used to construct this church are brick and adobe. The outer walls of this building are covered with thatch, and the inner walls with plaster.

The inner walls were designed with geometrical shapes as well. There is a tiled picture on the entrance of the church belongs to the Sultan Hussein's era that shows Jesus, Mary, and the three Magi bearing gifts.

The interior part of this building is very plain, but the St. Georg church is of great importance due to its annex structure, which includes 13 stones that Armenians brought them from Etchmiadzin Cathedral by the order of Shah Abbas; this Safavid king who tried to keep Armenians in Isfahan by all means, has ordered to destroy the Etchmaidzin Cathedral and bring its stones to Isfahan and build that church in Julfa again, but since it was not practical, they brought only several pieces of stones from different parts of that church. Due to the existence of these stones, the church is considered as a sacred pilgrimage site for Armenians.

Armenian Christians of Julfa district, and also residents of the area respect the St. George's church; they gather in this place to make vows to God, light candles, and make wishes in the room where the mentioned stones are kept.

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