Mysterious Castle at Heart of Jungle

Rudkhan Castle is a brick and medieval fortress located right in the heart of a forest on the top of the small mountain, 25 km southwest of Fuman city and 50 km south of Rasht in Gilan province, Iran

Iran (IMNA) - This stone structure was built by the Talyshs in order to defend against Arab invaders. So, this area was constructed as a military complex during the Sassanian era (224-651), and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by the Nizari Ismailis.

This splendid castle is built within an area of 2.6 hectares on two points of a mount and its amazing architecture is benefited from natural features such as green lands and mountainous area that surrendered the castle. The magnificent entrance of the citadel attracts everyone's attention.

The Rudkhan Castle River which flows from South to North gives a remarkable and unique view to this region.

The area is worth visiting especially in spring and summer seasons when the foliage of trees meet each other closely, providing a delightful path to the castle.

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