Isfahan to take bridle of landfill leachate

"Considering the organic pollution of leachate from domestic waste landfills which is hundred times more than home sewage, managing this dangerous liquid has been put on the agenda in order to prevent penetration into underground water resources and soil," the head of waste management organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Iran (IMNA) – Saying that regulations, people's demands, paying expenses, and social responsibility are the important factors for protecting the environment and increasing the level of the community health, Ali Dehnavi noted, "Social responsibility make sense with the relationship between people and society, and their legal and organizational responsibilities."

Considering the inattention to the environment resulting from the lack of appropriate training and awareness, he added, "About one thousand tons of waste is produced in Isfahan daily, waste generation per capita is about 650 grams per Isfahani citizen."

"The produced waste is dangerous, but the dangers will be reduced by a proper training," he continued.

"Running projects like constructing leachate evaporation lagoons and organizing a landfill in the east of Isfahan by cells divisions, equipping with reservoirs, and packing down clay in order to prevent the penetration of leachate and subsequently control this dangerous liquid," he noted.

Pointing to other projects of the organization regarding training and culture-building practices, he also said, "Launching the first environmental cultural center of the country, supplying and distributing more than 10 thousand carton plast for dry waste, and waste safe boxes for dangerous domestic waste to 400 thousand Isfahani families, and creating a symbolic character to be used in waste management training are among the activities carried out in line with attracting citizens' contribution."

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