Sustainable urban income depends on municipalities' creativity

"Creativity in making sustainable income should be taken into account by responsible urban management organizations such as municipalities, so that the city's directorial system will be more dynamic and less dependent on unsustainable income," an urban management expert said.

Iran (IMNA) – Pointing to the role of being active in the urban management system to create sustainable income, Mahshad Kazemian noted, "Creating new sources for revenue generation and investing in various projects are among the strategies of creative municipalities to make sustainable income. Municipalities should form task forces to identify the current situation of urban income, and find new economic sources for the sustainable income."

Referring to the essential role of municipalities in developing the urban economy, she added, "The financial system governing the urban economy systems should be modified, since some organizations, which don’t have any share in provided services in the city, benefit from the value-added tax and then, cause to reduction of the municipalities' income."

"One of the problems that has happened recently for many municipalities is decline their unsustainable incomes. It should be noted that unsustainable incomes are like the city's economic heart as long as the sustainable income has not been created for municipalities. Reduction of the amount of unsustainable incomes has a direct relationship with decreasing the quality and quantity of urban services," she also said.

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