24 April 2019 - 10:52
Sanandaj Jame Mosque

Sanandaj is known as the city of mosques; if you travel to the city, you see so many minarets that, from afar, Sanandaj looks like mosques land.

Iran (IMNA) - Dar-ol Ehsan Congregational mosque is one of the historical structures in the city. It was constructed at the beginning of the Qajar dynasty, 1228 A.H, upon the order of Vassal Amanollah Khan Ardalan, the governor of Kurdistan. It is said that the mosque was built over a ruined mosque from the Safavid era.

The mosque has two iwans, one of them facing the east and the other one to the kiblah. Also, there is a central yard with 12 chambers that surrounded it.

A huge chamber with 35 domes and 34 pillars has made the mosque unique. Verses of Quran have been inscribed around the great chamber which add to its beauty. Poems of some well-known poets like Khorram Kordestani and Nateq Isfahani are engraved on two iwans as well.   

Constructing a pool made up of eight slabs of stone in the middle of the monument filled up with the water of an aqueduct in the mosque is considered as a unique Persian specific architecture.

The walls of the mosque are decorated with seven color tiles and marble with patterns of flowers and bushes. Brick, stone, and wood  materials are also used to design the Jame mosque. Beautiful plasterworks have been carried out By Master Mohammad Sanandaji.

In addition to tiling, you can enjoy many signs of stonemasonry art in the mosque. In the view of the foregoing, this mosque is comparable to Vakil mosque in Shiraz. The monument is considered as a religious and historical tourist attraction site that catches the visitors' eyes every year.

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