22 April 2019 - 10:15
Naharkhoran forest park

One of the natural attraction of Golestan province is Nahar Khoran forest park, which is located eight kilometers to south of Gorgan.

According to old stories, the site has been served as a campsite since 1959, so pilgrims to the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (the eighth Shia Imam) rest in this place and eat lunch on their way to Mashhad; therefore this place is called Nahar Khoran, a place for having lunch (Nahar means lunch in Farsi).

This nice and silent green space is surrounded by big mountains, and is full of rare animals and trees. The forest has an area of 168 hectares, which includes several springs; the most famous one is "Sefid Cheshmeh" situated on the height of Nahar Khoran region. The only river of Nahar Khoran is Ziart which comes from the heights of a village with the same name. The river that is the source of water supply in Gorgan, has the length of 40 kilometers.

Nahar Khoran forest park is the combination of forests, rivers, springs, and tourist facilities. In the past, the road between Nahar Khoran and Gorgan was called the Nahar Khoran road, now it is a fantastic road for walking around.

This site hosts tourists in all four seasons due to its beauty, perfect weather conditions, and natural sites like the Sefid Spring and the Ziart River. There is also a  touristic site in the forest called Paradise which includes different tourist facilities like hotels, restaurants, and other recreational amenities.

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