18 April 2019 - 11:08
Isfahan remains green in summer

“The policy of the parks and green space organization is the minimal use of water resources of wells and replacing the refined wastewater,” The CEO of the parks and green space organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Iran (IMNA) – “Flowing the Zayandeh-Rood River has supplied water for wells in the city, especially those on the sideline of the river. Such wells of the city are usually filled up with water due to their closeness to the river,” Forough Mortezaeenejad noted.

“Last year, one of the main problems of wells was their being dry, but this year the water wells or aquifers are filled up with adequate water; also, water levels has been rising due to the flowing of the ZayandehRood River,” she added.

Pointing to the spring rainfall, she continued, “The spring rainfall decreases the need of trees for irrigation and using the underground water resources, while the green space of the city needs to be irrigated from June to September.”

“There was good downpour last year, but unfortunately the dryness of the Zayandeh-Rood River has caused to lose water storage of wells, and we could not use infrastructures like refined wastewater,” she noted.

“This year, we will take out some other measures to refine secondary wastewater and make use of it; it has been tried not to exploit underground water resources or water wells as far as possible, since the lesser exploitation of underground water, the more water storage of wells will be,” she also said.

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