17 April 2019 - 14:25
Karim Khan Citadel

The Karim Khan Citadel which is also known as Karim Khan Prison was built in the northeast of Shiraz, in 1108 A.H, by the order of the famous king of Zand dynasty, Karim Khan Zand. This wonderful structure was registered in Iran's National Heritage list in 1972.

Iran (IMNA) - This amazing monument has had different functions in various periods of time; it served as Karim Khan's living quarters in Zand dynasty. During Qajar and Pahlavi era, the structure was used as the living place of the local rulers, and prison respectively, and finally it will be transformed into a museum after the renovation process.

Four high walls of this large citadel are connected to each other by four 14-meter watch towers. The combination of military and residential architecture was applied to design the citadel in order to provide high security, as it was the residence of the King. Therefore, the exterior walls are very tall, with the height of 15 meters.

The towers around Karim Khan Citadel has three floors, each floor includes two rooms; in the past, one of the rooms was used by soldiers to relax and rest, the other one for keeping weapons. The rooms which are interconnected, are decorated with Iranian artistic architecture.

The main gate of the citadel - the gate of the eastern tower- is decorated with a big tiling tableau, which is an image of the well-known Persian myth, Shahnameh. You can perceive the power of ancient architecture by visiting the site. It is very impressive, especially from the outside with an amazing intricate brickwork.

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