16 April 2019 - 14:05
Forests at heart of desert

One of the unique natural attractions in southern coast of Iran is the Hara forest or what is known as mangrove forests; the unique floating forest covers the northwestern coasts of Qeshm, in the Persian Gulf.

Iran (IMNA) - It surrounds the port village of Laft in the Central District of Qeshm. The forest which is inside the sea is an important ecological resource that has an area of 20*20 kilometers. The forest is the main habitat for birds like eagles, pelicans, flamingos, as well as fish, reptiles, snakes, turtles, herons, and etc. The trees in this area are scientifically called Avicennia marina or locally known as Hara; they are salt-water plants with bright and green leaves and twigs.

 Mangroves protect the coast against shoreline erosion and heavy storm surges. They play important role in providing food for fish birds, and other kinds of Hara specific animals. The plants cannot withstand temperatures of less than 5 degrees centigrade.

You can see the top of trees popping up on the water when the water level is high, and when it backs to the baseline, the roots of the trees will be visible. The other amazing characteristic of the place is that the desert, mountains, and forest meet each other; Forests at the heart of the desert!

You can take a boat to move between the mangrove forests, enjoy the nice scene and watch different types of seabirds there.  

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