Sa'dia; burial place of grand Iranian poet

Saadi is one of the most famous Iranian poets who lived in Shiraz; His poetry has been touching the heart of people all over the world, his works are still easy to understand.

Iran (IMNA) - Iranian quote so many of his poets in their usual life and use them as proverbs. After his death, he was buried at a Khanqah, a village outside Shiraz which has turned to be as one of the neighborhoods in the city.

In the 13th century, the vizir of Abaqa Khan, Shams al-Din Juvayni built a tomb for Saadi, but it was destroyed in the 17th century.  Then, the 18-century ruler of Shiraz- Karim Khan Zand- ordered to construct a mausoleum for him so as to honor him.

Saadia which was built between 1650 and 1652 is inspired by the Chehel Sotoun of Isfahan with the combination of old and new architectural elements; it was designed by the architect Mohsen Foroughi.

The tomb of Saadi is situated in a garden full of beautiful and colorful flowers, cypress trees; the cozy environment has made the tomb to be a wonderful place to walk around.

The mausoleum has two floors made of brick and plaster. It is like a square structure and is in the form of a multi-sided building. All the walls inside the mausoleum are inscribed with verses of Saadi's poems.

There are also several steps that can lead visitors to a fish pond surrounded with some underground water channels; people believe that if they throw a coin into it, their wishes will come true.

The Saadi's tomb is a must-see place for poetry lovers. Traditional Persian music are played in the garden, and you can enjoy the relaxing environment of the monument.

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