16 March 2019 - 11:54
Half the world shining in Nowruz

The CEO of beautification organization of Isfahan municipality announced the installation of 20 lighting urban elements throughout the city, and said, "These elements will be installed in the main areas of the city, on the eve of beginning the New Year."

Iran (IMNA) – "The lighting urban elements for Nowrouz 2019 will be set in Chahar Bagh-e Bala and Chahar Bagh-e Paeen avenues, and 15 municipal districts, and citizens can enjoy the beauty of them from March 18," Hassan Moazeni said.

"Lighting elements reflect the picture of Persian tile works in daylight, and they are appeared as light elements at night and multiply the beauties of the city," he noted. Saying that arabesque and Persian traditional patterns have been applied on some buildings of the city, he noted, "A video-mapping has been implemented on the sideline of the Zayandeh-Rood River which will be displayed for citizens and Nowrouz travelers in Nowrouz 2019."

"All lightings will be taken out according the policies of the beautification organization of Isfahan municipality, with the cooperation of university professors in order not to damage the urban environment," he emphasized.

Pointing out that Pop-Up postcards which are one of the scheduled programs and elements of Nowrouz 2019, will be installed at the intersections and squares of the city, he added, "This year, several Haftseen tables in the united forms will be set in 15 municipal districts of the city." 

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