Isfahan's Fire Department on high alert in Chaharshanbe Suri

" As in past years,, the Fire Department and Safety Services Organization is on high alert and has taken out special safety measures to tackle possible incidents of Chaharshanbe Suri," the managing director of Isfahan's Fire Department and Safety Services Organization said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Several meetings have been held on the eve of Chaharshanbeh Suri, with the presence of representatives of responsible bodies like police force, emergency department, University of Medical Sciences, and Education Department, and the duties have been divided among the organizations," Mohsen Golabi said.

Announcing the distribution of training CDs in Isfahan's schools, he added, "A number of training CDs including video clips inspired by the real incidents of Chaharshanbe Suri have been provided by the Fire Department of Isfahan for the General Department of Education, in order to be distributed among students."

Saying that preventing unfortunate incidents like Chaharshanbeh Suri disasters require promoting the safety culture, he emphasized, "Parents should control their children on the eve of Chaharshanbeh suri, and don’t leave them alone as far as possible."

"Citizens should observe the safety tips, even in lighting small and less dangerous fires, and prevent adding flammable materials to the fire; they should be aware that making fire in the vicinity of gas holder is very dangerous," he continued.

"If citizens see an accumulation of waste materials, tree branches, or a rubber tire in the passages of the city, they should call 137 to report it, so that the waste will be collected and subsequently children can’t fire them up," he also said.

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