240 million ornamental fish produced for Nowruz

"Based on the most recent data available, more than 240 million ornamental fish are produced in the country; it indicates a growing trend in comparison to the last year," the expert of ornamental fish in fisheries organization said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Considering that goldfish is a kind of ornamental aquatic animals, we don’t have an exact statistics about producing goldfish for Nowruz. But estimates suggest that one third of ornamental fish production belongs to goldfish for Nowruz," Mohammad Hassan Elahi noted.

"If you are going to buy goldfish, it is suggested to buy them from ornamental fish shops, not from the stores that keep them in appropriate conditions," he added. "When you want to buy goldfish, be sure of their health, and avoid buying fish that have a bruise or blood spots under their skins," he continued.

"After buying fish, keep them in a container with a liter of water and in a cool place, so as to prevent creating any problems for their breathing. To change the water in your fish bowl , keep the water for 24 to 48 hours in a container, so that the high chlorine in water will not poison fish," he noted.

"Avoid dropping fish in open water and rivers," he also said.

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