• 30 January 2019 - 15:22
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فرش گنبدی_ایدری

Domes of hand-woven carpets are the unique creation of Persian artists.

Iran (IMNA) – "Besides other artistic activities, I have been involving in carpet weaving field. I have designed carpets with themes of songs that carpet weavers used to sing while working, and I have restored many carpets as well. I always thought that how carpets can be used in another way instead of floor covering, therefore, I tried to combine the carpet concept with Iranian architecture which finally lead to the creation of  Idari Dome," Abushahi said about his artwork titled "Idari dome".

"Idari means topical; in architecture, materials that were removed from a place are also called Idari. Naser Khosro has referred to this word in his poems as well. I tried to combine the art of carpet waving, which is the most prominent Iranian art during the history, with architecture, domes of mosques, and buildings, to make this unique artwork," he noted.

"The materials used in this artwork are the carpets with original Iranian designs that are often found in Hamedan, Kashan, and Tehran Grand Bazaar," he added.


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