Children should be involved in decisions making about citizenship rights

"Children should be taken into account in making decisions regarding citizenship rights," the deputy of the Minister of Interior in Women and Family Affairs said.

Iran (IMNA) – "Children always expect that they should get fully involved in urban managers' decisions. Therefore, we should ask the responsible administrators of the first national conference on child-friendly city that how the main components and indicators have been operated in this regard?" Fariba Nazari Poor-Kiaee said. 

"In a child-friendly city, children should receive attention from all sides. But have they really been taken into account? This issue should be investigated," she added.

"The required infrastructures for construction, design and implementing projects related to a child-friendly city, are all upon the urban planning department of the Ministry of Interior and municipalities; however, women's related organizations throughout the country have been commissioned to investigate the matters related to child-friendly cities in terms of cultural and intangible aspects while observing the children, families, and women's rights," she emphasized.

Saying that having child-friendly families is the prerequisite for making a child-friendly city, she continued, "If we are child-friendly in our family, we can hope that our city will turn to be a child-friendly one; if we recognize the children's rights in families, we will have a city that children are happy and cheerful there, and don’t wake up feeling anxious in the morning. At first, we should make a child-friendly family in order to make a strong foundation for a child-friendly city."

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