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Enjoy taste of tea houses in Isfahan

Teahouses in Iran are realized as brilliant tourist attractions. Most of them are constructed during the Safavid period and considered as the reminiscent of cultural and historical events took place hundreds of years ago.

Iran (IMNA) - In Iranian culture, tea as a favorite drink is widely consumed. Generally, it is the first thing offered to a guest come over. This black drink is usually served with sugar cubes, Ghand, in Persian. According to Iranian culture, offering at least one cup of tea to a guest considered as a sign of respect and hospitality.

Teahouses (Chaykhaneha) and coffeehouses (Ghahvekhaneha) in Iran

It is interesting to know that, coffee was already popular in Iran before importing tea to the country. You may ask how?! Coffee was consumed in Islamic countries such as Mecca and Ottoman Empire and Muslims who travelled there brought it to Iran. Originally, coffee was not commonly consumed in Iran and it was only restricted to courts. Gradually, it draw elites and lords’ attention in Iran and became well-known just among the upper class. In this respect, places where coffee was made and served were known as Coffeehouse or Ghahvekhaneh.

So, Iran was a nation of coffee drinker until tea was introduced by British traders in 19th century and later tea served in coffeehouse as a popular drink. In this regard, Adam Olearius, German scholar and mathematician, in his diaries concerning his travel to Iran during the Safavid period, briefly wrote "they drink thè, or tea, which the Persians call tzai… they are only persons of good repute who drink of this." Nowadays, such places are called coffeehouse and teahouse interchangeably.

Haj Mirza teahouse

There are numerous teahouses in Isfahan as a historical city and one of the most stunning teahouses located at Naghshe Jahan square, called Haj Mirza or Azadegan teahouse.

This is not just a typical teahouse, but is well-known as the oldest teahouse remained from Safavid era in Isfahan.

It takes time to discover its beauties and dignities. This teahouse is decorated extraordinary with lots of antiques lights and stuff hanging from the ceiling and the wall. All of which are the reminiscent of the time when Taziyeh and Shahnameh reciting took place at Haj Mirza teahouse.

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