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Aghcheh village is situated on the outskirts of central part of Buin va Miandasht county, Isfahan province, in Yeylagh rural district. According to the census of the statistical center of Iran in 2006, the population of this village was 995 (223 households).

Iran (IMNA) - The  first settlers in Aghcheh were Georgian prisoners during the reign of Shah Abbas I, who were deported to Iran by his order, and a number of their warriors settled in Fereydan to protect this area and the capital (Isfahan) from the attacks of Lurs and Kurds ethnicities as well.

Aghcheh is the name of an old castle in Georgia; this is the reason for naming this village. People live in Aghcheh village (generally Georgian people in Fereydan), have departed from their Caucasian culture gradually due to the coexistence with other tribes (Armenians, Turks, Lurs); so, they don’t have any special customs and local clothing. 

Fereydani dialect of Georgian language that is spoken in this area, is the old version of a language spoken 400 years ago and it differs from the today's literary form of Georgian language (the official language of the republic of Georgia).


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