13 January 2019 - 10:38
Iran best place to travel in 2019

Regardless the political boundaries based restrictions that the Foreign Affairs Minister of the U.S.A has set on U.S citizens' traveling to Iran , the New York Times has published a list of 52 destinations that Americans can visit in 2019; the name of Iran as "the Jewel in the Middle East" is obvious among them.

Iran (IMNA) – Iran is the 45th destination that has been suggested by this American newspaper  as one of the best places to travel in 2019. The New York Times has introduced our country by displaying a photo of Yazd that was registered globally in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017 with the tile of "the historical city", and announced that despite the tensions between Iran and the USA which have been increased by presidential transition to Donald Trump, the desire of adventurous tourists to visit Iran has been significantly increased; from the monumental ruins of the Ancient Persia to the old magnificent mosques of Shiraz and Isfahan, and great Bazaar and Golestan palace at the center of Tehran. 

But what has made traveling to Iran justifiable in 2019 is displaying 500 featured artworks with the title of "Portrait, lifeless nature, and landscape" in the Museum of Contemporary Art which is considered as one of the Iranian youth's favorite haunt, from February 21 to April 20.

The New York Times noted that the Foreign Affairs Minister of the U.S.A had not banned travel to Iran by American citizens, but discourages them to travel to this country; so, Americans can travel to Iran with organized tours.

According to the report of the Foreign Affairs Minister of Iran, 1,879,000 American tourists have traveled to Iran during the first 8 months of this year.

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