Urban tourism generates employment, wealth in developing nations

"Tourism industry, especially urban tourism, is considered as the world's fastest growing industry in terms of observing many related indicators; it is also one of the largest employment and wealth generator and the engine of economic growth in both developed and developing nations", a tourism economics expert said.

Iran (IMNA) - "Cities, as geographical entities, play the most important role in tourism industry. Demands for services such as accommodation, catering, transportation, and the like will be appeared with the arrival of tourists to cities", Mehdi Soubrani said while pointing to the importance of tourism in dynamism of urban economics.

Soubrani, the activist in tourism sector, considered the urban infrastructure development plan as the key factor in increasing sustainable income and said, "city authorities can expand urban tourism through developing urban infrastructures such as communication and transportation networks, urban facilities, urban open spaces, leisure spaces and services infrastructures; this will eventually lead to sustainable income for city and urban management".

"Economic profit and the income from tourism industry can be investigated both directly and indirectly; economic growth resulted from investment in tourism can lead to income and employment in the future", Mehdi Soubrani also said.

"The amount of money spent by tourists on goods and services are considered as the direct income in tourism industry, while indirect profits are achieved through cash flow and the money that tourists spend in destinations", he continued.

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