• 2 January 2019 - 14:45
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دانش آموزان

Saying that parents' understanding of their child's interest and temperature is limited, a psychologist said, "Only pocket money is considered as the training method for children, and they don’t pay any attention to the psychological issues."

Isfahan (IMNA) – Emphasizing on this fact that religion includes three parts, Pedram said, "Beliefs, rituals practices, and religious behaviors are the main components of any religion; parents and society should play the religious behavior models for children."

Pointing out that even healthy and ideal society suffers from harms, he added, "Charities and NGOs should move along with the Department of Education, and higher education should move towards strengthening humanities."

Saying that all responsible agents in education system especially teachers, parents, and students are all dealing with problems, he continued, "for example, during my visits, I found that even 11 first-grade students were afraid of university entrance exam, this fear has been enhanced during the recent two years."

Referring to schools which use score-centered education system, he noted, "The score 19 out of 20 is regarded as weak in some schools, or even some of them threaten to expel the students whose average is lower than 18; so, some children in such systems will decide to commit suicide due to their low scores."


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