Creative videos opportunity to promote tourism

When a video clip is recorded with with the least facilities but by passion and love to the country, it will impress the world much more than a text.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Cyberspace has provided the conditions for businesses to grow and even hope for their dynamic existence. The matter of content production is very important for virtual businesses; publishing visual or written content to the suitable cyberspace can be effective in attracting audiences and target market.

Content production in tourism industry is of great importance, since the right content can greatly impact the way people choose their destinations. Visual content is the most important content that its correct production and exposure can attract many tourists.

"The speed of our lives has been increased; so people prefer to receive their required information through videos instead of reading long texts in order to save their time. Video clips can contain more words on such a short notice due to the use of images; as a one-minute video includes 1,600,000 words," Masih Sharif, the consultant of deputy for tourism in the field of media and diplomacy and activist in the tourism content production field said.

"Film & video production as one of the useful tools and methods is very effective in our contemporary world. The second global search engine is YouTube, even when you are searching on google, videos of YouTube will be always displayed on the screen!" he continued.

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