Worn out texture threats urban resilience

Considering the worn out texture of Isfahan as a threat to the urban resilience, an urban planning expert said, "Since worn out textures make up one-fourth of Isfahan's area, it is necessary to take a measure in order to revive this texture before occurring an incident."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Fortunately, urban resilience has received special attention in the urban management field, and it is being investigated based on detailed planning" Ali Mohammad Zohrabi said.

"Land subsidence, which is called "silent earthquake", is considered as a threat to Isfahan; the most important factor of this phenomenon is excessive offtake of underground wells. If the survival and sustainability of Isfahan is considered important, the issues that decrease the urban resilience should be also investigated, monitored and resolved as well," he noted.

"Air pollution of Isfahan is another important threat that decreases the urban resilience; so a solution must be found to improve this situation as soon as possible," he added. "According to the conducted studies, Isfahan doesn’t have the capacity for 2 million people. This issue leads to scattered settlements and marginalization; undoubtedly, the negative consequences will be tangible in the coming years," he continued.

Saying that the comprehensive urban program is being codified at the Urban Planning and Architecture department of Isfahan municipality, he said, "The approach of this plan is new and its main purpose is examining all the existing problems. One of the features of this plan is the maximum participation of all classes and citizens with the approach of increasing the urban resilience."

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