Rural tourism can be a new source of income for villager

"There are many capacities in the villages of Iran that can boost rural tourism; Rural tourism can be a new source of income for villagers and especially for peasants in developing countries," a university professor said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – Saying that rural tourism is a kind of activities that provide extra income for those who have steady jobs like agriculture, animal husbandry, Mostafa Fatemi said, "Rural tourism should be realized as a lifestyle based on beliefs concerning the rural communities. The source of many rural attractions is the culture of people living in that area. Nowadays, villagers have to do various activities in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, handicrafts, or services in order to make money."

"The reason of the most rural migration is economic problems, the lack of jobs and amenities in villages. Rural tourism can be a good way to prevent the unwanted immigration," he added. "Rural tourism in many countries is a very important economic activity along with other economic sectors like agriculture, industry, and commerce. With such attitude, our country has propounded a plan entitled "village tourist destinations"; in this plan the villages with special conditions are identified as tourist destinations; so, it helps villagers to develop the facilities of the their area by attracting more tourists," he also said.

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