"To expand and promote the use of Iranian dolls, there is a need for culture domination practices, so that doll making industry in Isfahan will boom and the mass production of this art-industry will be operational", the head of Isfahan's Handicraft Union said.

Isfahan (IMNA) - "In this regard, we should negotiate with university educators in order to design dolls from ancient times and revive their characters, after that we should activate workshops to pace in a defined direction; so that the culture and style of Iranian dolls will be spread out", Abbas Shirdel noted in an interview with Imna's reporter.

Saying that there is no mass production of dolls in Iran and as they are often imported from abroad, he noted "figure design and embroidery are grounded in the culture and tradition of a country, and we are far away from our ancient culture, as long as we are just consumers", he declared.

"By the end of this year, we will hold a doll exhibition, for the first time in Isfahan, in order to gradually decrease our dependence on other countries by identifying the capacities. We hope that one day in future, Iranian dolls will be exported to other countries", Abbas Shirdel stated.

"Handicrafts, especially handmade dolls, have a great impact on developing and prospering the tourism industry, because a tourist looks for the symbol of a country, not luxury goods found everywhere in the world", he continued.

Saying that the household's economic conditions are unfavorable and families are not able to buy dolls for their children, he added: "doll-making is considered a home-made job, so lots of grandmothers have started designing and making dolls for their grandchildren; this is very admirable".


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