22 December 2018 - 14:21
Isfahan pioneer in waste management

"The first environmental campus of the country will be launched in Isfahan at the beginning of the next year," the CEO of the waste management organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Training and culture-building practices are accepted as principles in developed countries that are leaders in environmental arguments; therefore, it is believed that as much as we spent for these two principles, actually the more investment will be taken place," Ali Dehnavi said.

"We have created an environmental exhibitory campus with the centrality of waste management in Isfahan, as the leading city regarding environmental issues. So, the necessary pursuance has been completed and an agreement was conducted with cultural sport organization of Isfahan municipality. A think tank was formed to provide a good space for different age groups in this exhibitory campus," he added.

Saying that the first environmental cultural center of Iran will be launched in Shariati Avenue, he said, "the required equipment will be centralized in this cultural center till the end of this year, and enthusiasts in different ages will be welcomed from the beginning of the next year."

"No age-limit has  been determined to join the cultural center, but the main focus is on students in different ages. Therefore, according to the agreement that will be conducted with the Department of Education,all sorts of arrangements for the attendance of students in this campus will be done," he emphasized.

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