Isfahan's apples exports decreased about 6,000 tons

Saying that apples have not reached a suitable qualitative phase to be exported this year, the manager of business development affair of Agriculture Jihad organization of Isfahan province said, "Exporting apple from Isfahan has decreased from 9500 tons in the last year to 3603 tons in seven months of this year; of course, it has reduced all over the country."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The countries of the UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, India, Oman, Armenia, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, and Sudan are the main buyers of apples," Farhad Haji Moradi said. Referring to this fact that the highest amount of apples harvested from Isfahan croplands is produced in Semirom County, he added, "The production of apple in the province was 220,000 tons last year, but this year it has been decreased to 120,000 tons; therefore, large reduction of the production of apple has led to decline of exports."

"The main reason for reducing the production of apple in Isfahan is drought and limited water resources in this province. Other areas in Iran have also faced the problem of decreasing the apple production due to the frostbite. It is noteworthy to mention that West Azarbaijan, as the pole of apple production, has the highest price stability," he said.

Pointing to the role of brokers in raising the price of fruits, he noted, "The role of distribution agents in the high cost of apple is undeniable, since in many cases, hoarding this product has led to its shortage in market and subsequently the hike in the prices."

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