Citizens should be familiar with waste management rules

"Considering the necessity of culture-building practices and citizenship training, waste management experts of urban services department have been patrolling and identifying the defects of waste management throughout the area," the director of the 11th municipal district of Isfahan said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Waste management experts of urban services department of 11th municipal district of Isfahan have proceeded to distribute calendars, install trash collection schedule banner in neighborhoods and hold individual and neighborhood-centric training workshops with the cooperation of the training director of this departement," Hamid Ashrafi said.

"The city affairs unit of urban services department of this area has put observing the waste management rules such as source separation of wet and dry waste, preventing the production of landfill waste, observing the time of collecting trash, and using standard storages to keep wet and dry waste in residential complexes, also in the shops with lots of garbage on the agenda," he added.

"In line with identifying and dealing with announced violations, responsible experts issue a notice according to waste management rules based on which the violators will refer to the court and pay the defined fine based on the article 16 of waste management rules," he continued.

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