• 15 December 2018 - 14:15
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گربه سانان

Two issues of human fingerprints in wildlife and climate changes have led to increase in the number of endangered wildlife species; animals that our lives depend on the survival of them.

Isfahan (IMNA) – The health and sustainability of environment are the greatest concerns of modern humans, and is also considered as one of the world's challenges. In the current century, human life and the environment have been the subject to many changes and transformations due to the industrial achievements that come along the industrialization and new technologies.

Isfahan province is no exception in this regard, and more than 2,000 plant species and 900 animal species of this province have evolved so far; by continuing this process we may lose a major part of these environmental reserves in less than 20 years later.

Various programs regarding preserving plant and animal species will be held at the country level. Isfahan province has put some programs on the agenda to preserve the environment. Protecting the animal species in native habitats, preserving the areas that endangered species are living there, the constant effort of environment guards and experts to protect different species in the province are on the measures going to be taken.   

Treating injured animals is another important activity in this regard, and the main purpose of implementing this plan is returning injured animals to their native habitats.


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