30 Renovated buses to add to Isfahan's bus fleet

"Coincide with December 17, the Transportation Day, 30 renovated buses will be unveiled and added to Isfahan's bus transport fleet," the CEO of Isfahan Bus Company said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Some arrangements have been initiated to renovate Isfahan's bus transport fleet over last year, and now we have added 30 renovated buses in the first phase," Ghodrat Eftekhari noted.

Saying that the lifespan of Isfahan's bus fleet is about 5 years, but even after 9 years they are still working. The main reason is the lack of power to purchase the new ones, he added, "Considering this fact that 50 percent of bus fleet has reached to the fatigue age so improving the quality of offering services to citizens has been put among the priorities of Isfahan's Bus Company."

"While before 2012, buses were bought by the government subsidies, and only 17.5 percent of the price, which was less than 100 million tomans, was paid by the municipality, now in order to buy a bus with the price of 800 or 900 million tomans, the municipality should pay the total price, that is impossible; therefore, the matter of renovating buses has been paid attention concerning the high cost of a new bus," he emphasized.

Pointing out that 60 smoking and whining buses have been removed from the fleet, he said, "Renovating the bus fleet has been put on the agenda, and we hope that we achieve this goal by concerning the government's supports for the public transportation."

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