Youths less involved in handicraft industry

"Isfahan is among the world craft cities as it hosts 198 different types of visual arts and crafts, but unfortunately, youths are less involved in handicraft industry in Isfahan," the head of Cultural and Sports Commission of Isfahan Islamic City Council said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Many university students are graduated and hired in different organization but many art graduates are unemployed in the society," Fardieh Roushan said. "In the past time, female students were taught in Iranian noble arts besides their education. Unfortunately, females are not involved in art like before," she noted.

"The activities of the Special Creative Arts Center, especially encouraging teenagers and youths toward handicrafts is one of the successes that has achieved so far," she emphasized. Pointing out that we try to involve the related organizations to have the maximum outputs, Mohammad Hossein Ghourchani said, "We try to draw different beneficiaries into art through various programs provided by innovations center of Isfahan municipality. Since the urban management in Iranian cities is not integrated, the responsibilities and duties are divided, and different organizations are operating insularly. "

"We are moving forward seasonally in the Specialized Center for Creativity and New Technologies of Isfahan municipality; summer has been considered for the age range of teenagers. The autumn season is also dedicated to students, and we will hold different programs for other age ranges in winter and spring," he said.

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