National projects destroy Zayandeh-Rood River

"Huge and national plans such as watershed and Tuba plans have damaged and destroyed the Zayandeh-Rood River," the head of Ziar Islamic City Council said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "In the past, we thought that  water problems will be solved due to the promises related to the Koohrang-III tunnel, while now we have found that it doesn't ever benefit Isfahan," Safarali Arabzadeh said.

"By propounding the matter of Behesht Abad project, it was claimed that after 12 years study-based operations, we won't face the water shortage problem, but unfortunately, this plan didn’t solve any problem," he added.  

"Recently, the matter of water recirculation method has been proposed according to which, Isfahan's trees and the agricultural land of eastern Isfahan would be revived. However, required infrastructures have not been provided so far, and there is no hope to revive the agriculture industry of eastern Isfahan by implementing this plan," he noted.

Referring to the unauthorized digging of wells by farmers in the area, he continued, "those who have dug these wells, cannot afford to get the permit; so this issue has caused some water offtake-related disorders ."

"Some of the direct water offtakes from the river should be organized, and this issue will not be solved by farmers' temporary measures. Farmers have not earned any money since 20 months ago, practical measures should be taken out regarding water shortage and recovering past damages," he noted.

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