Idea cup; opportunity to achieve creative city of Isfahan

"We should be creative to achieve a sustainable city, otherwise we should prepare ourselves to have an uninhabitable city," the manager of the creativity and new technologies center of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "The new economic program of the city is based on this fact that cities should face with creative destruction, and eliminate the urban obsolete activities. When the outdated activities are removed, the required space for learning skills and new initiatives will be provided; undoubtedly this is the future approach of developing cities," Mohammad Hossein Ghourchani said. 

"The creative thinking policy in the urban economy of developed cities is clearly visible and it acts as a sort of development engine for them," he added. Pointing to the role of people's participation in urban issues, he noted, "Creative thinking increases the people's participation and it is effective in reducing the costs and capital attraction."

"Huge investments were flourishing during the vitality period of construction industry, but now we are the witnesses of municipalities' crisis in the current recession. In this regard, the event of idea cup with the theme of urban income, attracting ideas, and creative plans are on the agenda with the cooperation of responsible organizations," he emphasized.

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