3 December 2018 - 16:03
Green gold to turn into leaf molds

"The leaves are green gold and the best source of carbon that can be transferred to leaf pile silo and changed into leaf molds," the CEO of the parks and green space organization of Isfahan municipality said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "Autumn is the most beautiful season, but we can see more colorful leaves in the city this year. Despite the water problems, paying special attention to trees has caused to prevent damages to the trees, because if they had damaged, we would have seen dried trees with dead leaves instead of colorful trees in the city," Forough Mortezaeenejad said.

Saying that according to the plans, some silos have been prepared in 15 municipal districts in order to transfer the collected leaves throughout the city, and change them into leaf mold, she said, "This year, the parks and green space organization has introduced four main depots in Jorookan, Mahmood Abad, Najvan, and the east jungle to the districts."

Emphasizing on this fact that no leaf is considered as waste, she continued, "Trees absorb the nutrients from soil and bring them on the surface of the leaves to perform photosynthesis with the help of the solar energy; plants are always fresh due to these nutrients. Therefore, if these leaves are burned or discarded, we will lose the best source of nutrient."

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