• 2 December 2018 - 16:09
  • News Code: 360227
یادگیری از طریق بازی

"We have considered a "game class" in schools during which the first to third grade students can practice group activities in the form of games," the head of pre-school and primary school office of Education Department of Isfahan province said.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "This plan has been put on the agenda of General Education Department, but the instructions and regulations has not been delivered to the related departments yet," Nasrin Babapour said.

"The hours of the other classes will not increase or decrease due to the game classes, but the lessons will be taught in the form of games to make the concepts more attractive and tangible," she added.

Saying that Education Department of Isfahan province tries to implement the pilot of this plan in schools that have enough spaces and game facilities, she continued, "Inquiry about schools has been started for this plan, and we will implement this plan based on the final evaluations."

Pointing out that toys should be related to educational concepts, she said, "Teachers should provide the learning context for children by creating a happy atmosphere, so that students will learn better through games."

"The development plan of game class has been put on the agenda; children will use all their senses by playing, and it will have a significant effect on learning the content," she also said.


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