• 29 November 2018 - 11:30
  • News Code: 359895
زه کشی شهری

Saying that "urban drainage" saves the land form subsidence phenomenon and prevents the water loss, a civil development expert said, "It is necessary to drain the urban paths to prevent the water loss during the rain."

Isfahan (IMNA) – "If we provide drainage for urban paths, water will enter the infrastructure facilities, then it will be directed to a big reservoir to supply the agricultural water or be absorbed into soil," Mohammad Sheikh al-Islam said.

Referring to the excessive offtake of ground water resources as the main reason of land subsidence in Isfahan, he noted, "Water offtake from aquifers will lead to water shortage. In this regard, the water and wastewater company should prevent licenses of digging wells to be issued and the illegal wells should be sealed as well."

"When underground aquifers being dried out, the land subsidence will happen, and will cause irreparable damages on the ground; a few years ago, a runway went down due to the land subsidence phenomenon," he added.

Pointing to the land subsidence and inappropriate situation of some areas in Isfahan, he continued, "As we go down from the upper areas to the lower regions of Isfahan, the situation of subsidence is getting worse and worse, since the earth of the upper areas is made of stone, but the main component of the earth in the lower areas is soil, and this issue has caused some problems in the current water conditions of Isfahan."


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