26 November 2018 - 11:23
Old urban textures should be preserved

"In today's world, by concerning the developed countries' experiences, we arrive to witnesses the fact that the historical textures are protected more carefully in modern cities; also, the historical attractions have been preserved in the central streets of big cities around the world like Paris, London, Rome and Florence," Alireza Salarian, the head of Representative Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Isfahan said

Isfahan (IMNA) - "People live in these cities don’t consider it necessary to use modern symbols and new facilities in the central textures which are are in contrast with the cultural heritage; they preserve these textures and try to define new tools according to the urban texture not changing the urban textures according to these tools," he continued.

"Therefore, in Iran and historical cities, especially Isfahan which is a valuable national heritage, this view should be dominated and preserving the historical textures must be prioritized ahead of new developmental symbols; also, new tools and facilities must be designed in accordance with the nature of these textures,"  Salarian emphasized.

Referring to the important role of urban planners he continued, "Certainly, we should pay attention to the matter of urban design more than before, especially in the current situation; so that a part of the past unsuccessful experiences will be refined and the damages caused to the city will be restored. We can take a step forward in the future planning to ensure that protection and preservation of old textures will be done properly. We will target social, psychological, cultural, and historical aspects of the city when designing a development plan."

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