• 25 November 2018 - 13:01
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دیدار شهردار با نمایندگان شهر های خواهر خوانده

The mayor of Baalbek has considered the cultural and tourism commonalities between Isfahan and Baalbek as the distinguished characteristics.

Isfahan (IMNA) – "I have observed many innovations during the days I have been in Isfahan. I should say that there are many cultural, tourism, and economics commonalities between Isfahan and Baalbek, and I am proud of the sisterhood relationship between these two cities," Hussein Lakkis said.

Referring to tourism industry as the economic pillar of today's world, and pointing to the advantages that countries like Turkey, Spain, and Italy are taking from this industry, he considered the global advertisement as the winning card to boom the tourism industry in Isfahan.

"Isfahan's appearance is admirable due to its beauty, urban green space, urban planning projects, horizontal development, urban landscape, the lack of skyscrapers, and also urban decoration and furniture," he said. Pointing to choosing a special day to honor Isfahan, he considered holding “Tree eid” in Baalbek as a symbol of respect to this city; this ceremony also encourages the culture of tree planting and agriculture.

In addition, he considered the Baalbek's international festival as one of the cultural celebrations of this city that attracts many tourists from all over the world. He also named the castle of Baalbek, as the historical-cultural treasure of this city that represents Phoenician historical origins,.

Baalbek and Isfahan have signed the step-sister contract in 2010.


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